Evergreen Solar Gas Stations Come To Germany

Germany Gets Solar Powered “Gas” Stations

Evergreen Solar,the Marlboro, Mass.-based solar-energy start-up, has installed solarpanels in a retail “gasoline” station in Frankfurt, Germany whereelectric cars can recharge their batteries.  The solar “fuel” stationis located in a high-traffic area of Frankfurt and provides freebattery charging for small-scale electric vehicles including Velotaxis,Segways, electric bikes and scooters.

The station boasts six charging ports all of which receive theirpower from the Evergreen Solar panels located on the building’s roof.On sunny days the station will produce approximately 21 kWh ofelectricity.  Over the course of a year, the solar-panel drivenrecharging station will generate enough power for the average e-scooterto travel 115,000 kilometers. The cost of the installation was €65,000.

“This new solar ‘fuel’ station will serve as a model for thetransportation industry and is a major step forward in helping promoteenvironmentally-friendly transportation,” said Peter Rusch, EvergreenSolar’s director of marketing and sales for Europe, the Middle East andAfrica, in a company press release. “As a company that produces solarpanels delivering the most electricity with the smallest carbonfootprint, we feel a project like this one is very much in line withour brand and our overall mission.”



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