FLEXcon Offers PVguard Backsheets

FLEXcon, a manufacturer of wide-web, roll-to-roll coating, laminatingand finishing of polymeric materials, now offers a range of PVguard TPEmulti-layer backsheet solutions for use in photovoltaic-panelproduction.

Available for use with either slow-cure or fast-cureencapsulants, PVguard delivers the long-lasting UV, moisture andpartial discharge protection that module and encapsulant producersrequire, the company says. To enhance strength and durability, FLEXconincorporates a proprietary laminating adhesive for superior filmbonding. PVguard products also meet all applicable IEC and ULrequirements, FLEXcon adds.

PVguard 105040W is FLEXcon’sbacksheet protective laminate for use with slow-cure encapsulants. Itis a TPE – Tedlar/ PET / EVA – construction that is RoHS-compliant andhas a partial discharge rating from TUV of >1000 volts.

PVguard10E40W is a backsheet protective laminate for use with fast-cureencapsulants. It is also a TPE – Tedlar/ PET / EVA – construction thatis RoHS-compliant and UL-recognized under UL QIHE2 file number E318502.

PVguard10E40W backsheet has a partial discharge rating from TUV of >1000volts. The white EVA tie layer on both PVguard products, which adheresto the encapsulant EVA during module lamination, provides forreflectivity to improve module efficiency.

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