freeloader pro camcaddy solar charger 1

The FreeLoader Pro, a portable solar charger launched by Solar Technology,is here to heat up the solar battery charger market. This super chargerpowers up gadgets during emergencies. If you were wondering what to dowhen you are in the middle of a conversation and suddenly yourcellphone has run out of juice, the FreeLoader Pro is here just in time.

freeloader pro charger with ten adapters and other accessories

TheFreeloader Pro is sleek and handy, and includes lightweight aluminumcasing with 2 solar panels, a USB cable, 10 adapters and a soft carrypouch. It requires 7 to 9 hours to store up juice by exposing it to sunto soak up solar rays.

The FreeLoader Pro is a super chargerthat can charge a variety of gadgets from phones to cameras to PMPs viathe USB port. The charger also comes with CamCaddy, allowing us tocharge camcorders and digital cameras.

Via: Pocket-Lint