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Wholesale Disconnects for Solar Systems

Essentially, safety disconnects allow users to rapidly shut down the system in case of emergency. For this reason, disconnect switches are required to comply with electrical codes and pass inspection. 

A solar PV system usually has two safety disconnects. The first is the PV disconnect (or array DC disconnect). This kind of disconnect allows the DC current between the modules (source) to be interrupted before reaching the inverter. 

The second disconnect is the AC disconnect. The AC disconnect is used to separate the inverter from the electrical grid. In a solar system, the AC disconnect is typically mounted to the wall between the inverter and utility meter. This kind of disconnect may be a breaker on a service panel, or it may be a standalone switch. Additionally, it is sized based on the output current of the inverter. 

How to Size an AC or DC Disconnect?

Generally speaking, sizing refers to equipment, components, and connectivity (wiring) throughout a solar system as it relates to NEC requirements. The following terms are used to determine component output: 

  • Voltage
  • Circuit load
  • Amps or breaker size
  • Wiring or cables

Sizing and Protection of the AC Disconnect

NEC 690.10 stipulates that the circuit conductors between the inverter output and the building or structure disconnecting means shall be sized based on the output rating of the inverter. These conductors shall be protected from overcurrents in accordance with Article 240. The overcurrent protection shall be located at the output of the inverter. 

Important Features to Look For in Disconnect in Bulk?

Disconnects are incredibly useful for solar systems, and so, it is important to get the best possible disconnect for your own solar system. The following are the core features to look for in a disconnect: 

  • Offers bi-directional functionality, which breaks the arc regardless of normal or a reverse current flow
  • Includes all required components to meet NEC 690 requirements, including jumpers and labels
  • Guards against accidental contact with live parts with clear polycarbonate dead fronts
  • Available with modifications that allow customization to meet any application need

Sizing of Module Interconnection Conductors and DC Overcurrent Protection

According to NEC 690.80, where a single overcurrent device is used to protect a set of two or more parallel-connected module circuits, the ampacity of each of the module interconnection conductors shall not be less than the sum of the rating of the single fuse plus 125% of the short-circuit current from the other parallel-connected modules. 

Why Buy Wholesale Disconnects for PV Systems from Us?

Our website lists AC or DC disconnects for PV systems from reputable brands all over the world. As a result, you can expect that the AC or DC disconnects that we offer are of the best variety. They are characterized by numerous remarkable features, such as higher efficiency, reliable performance, and longer life span, thus giving them the ability to fulfill all your solar power needs. 

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