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Get Rock Solid Solar Racking Systems in the Most Hassle-free Way!

Solar racking or solar mounting systems are for fixing solar panels on the rooftop or the ground.  As a solar installer, you require use solar racking products that safely keep solar panels in place through installation.  Solar racking systems are generally made from aluminum, which is ideal for rooftop solar mounting installations due to its strength and low weight compared to other metals. Keep in mind that besides residential solar mounting, commercial & distributed solar energy market and the utility-scale solar energy segment are growing by more than 50% year-over-year for photovoltaic (PV) installation.  Particularly, the utility-scale market is estimated to grow to nearly 10 GW of capacity by 2020. So, as an installare there are huge opportunities for you to grow your business by supplying and installing solar mounting systems to these segments. Buying wholesale solar racking systems is likely to increase your chances to fulfill your business objectives. Even though solar racking is a key part of any solar installation, the cost of racking is takes just a small portion of a total installation. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) states that the cost of solar racking is nearly $0.10 per Watt (W). Considering that, racking should constitute just about 3% of the total system cost.  

Ground-Mounted or Roof-Mounted Solar Racking?

As an installer, which type of solar racking system you wish provide out of ground-mounted and roof-mounted.  The main advantage of ground mounted systems is that there is a wide range of products available.  Roof-mounted solar racking systems are the most common because most of the residential buildings install rooftop solar panels. The main reason behind this is the cost. Usually, roof-mounted solar systems are less expensive than ground-mounted systems. It is because the rooftop solar panels only need the rooftop as the main structure to sustain the panels, along with the racking system. This saves costs, which will otherwise go up due to the aluminum or steel structures that are required to support ground-mounted solar panels. Logically, if your solar installation business mainly revolves around residential rooftop solar installation, you can buy wholesale solar racking systems at low cost, and can leave out ground-mounted systems.  

Ground-mounted Solar System Installation

The installation process of a ground mounted system comprises the following important steps, mainly for a foundation mount type. First of all, you need to set up system design:
  • Dimension of the Solar system: You can install the solar system in the sets of 3, 4 or even 5 rows of panels. It all depends on receiving direct sunlight and the electrical design.
  • Testing the Soil Condition: If the soil on the ground is clay, grave or sedimentary rock, then you need to figure out the foundation type based on weather conditions, and also according to the size and weight of solar panels.
  • Choosing the Foundation: You need to decide on the suitable type of foundation, such as concrete piers or Helical piles. For this purpose, ground perforation will be required.
  • Selecting pipe size, mechanical tubing and material: Aluminum, steel, etc.

Roof-mounted Solar Racking Installation

The process roof-mounted solar racking installation requires a typical railed mounting system:
  • Keeping all the components handy, such as drilling, fall protection kit, rails, clamps, bolts, screws and others. 
  • Measuring the distance between the roof and the rails. A reference line is drawn by using chalk line.
  • Checking with the local authorities for guidelines. Usually, the guidelines are regarding the edges of the roof when setting up the initial position of the rails and the panels.
  • Drilling a spot hole is done through the roof. After drilling and finding the position of the drill from the inside, you can adjust the center of the truss that will support spot for the rails.
  • Next is mounting the flashings. You need to mount the flashings, which are the supporting structures that attach solar panels to the roof. Then flashing are connected to the rails by using bolts and caps. 
  • The next step is mounting the solar racking system. You also need to ensure that the rails are lined up and properly elevated using the flashings.
  • Then grounding bolts are attached to the bare copper wire that connects with the grounding system.
  • Finally, the solar panels are attached to the mounting system. Clamps and T-bolts are used to make sure the panels sit tight on the mounting system.

Why buy solar Racking from us?

SolarFeeds is a  multiple wholesale vendor ecommerce marketplace where you can find high-quality roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar racking systems for supplying to the residential, commercial and utility-scale sectors.   We collaborate with leading manufacturers, who offer solar racking or mounting systems to solar installers at wholesale price so that they can provide smooth and seamless experiences to customers. The purpose of SolarFeeds is connect manufacturers and solar installers to get into profitable business partnerships on supplying high-quality solar mounting systems for years to come. Such business liaisons will help both parties to do profitable business by reducing their operating costs and increasing revenues.  Whether you already know exactly what racking products you want to buy for doing business, you can check out multiple offers on our website from various solar racking manufacturers before making the final decision.  The easiest way to connect with wholesale solar racking manufacturers is to register with SolarFeeds, where qualified manufacturers offer quotes for solar installers. You can easily specify the particular equipment you are looking for during the registration process. We address the challenges of cost and quality issue that solar installers face by providing a platform where buying bulk products at low wholesale costs will solve your cost-efficiency and steady supply problem. Also, it will further enable you to offer customers a full scope of services from design to delivery and installation. If you want to buy wholesale solar racking systems in a low price range, then check out online marketplace to explore a wide range of quality mounting systems. You can also send us your query at info@solarfeeds.com   

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