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Wholesale Saltwater Battery for Solar Energy Storage

Generally speaking, a saltwater battery is a kind of battery that employs a concentrated saline solution as its electrolyte. This kind of battery is nonflammable and more easily recycled than batteries that employ toxic or flammable materials. 

Saltwater batteries have undergone several designs throughout the years. The first well-known design is Aquion Energy’s batteries, which are classified as standard goods with no special handling required in shipment. Aquion Energy’s saltwater battery has no life-reducing side reactions while not in use, and it operates without auxiliary loads or an external power supply. Additionally, it is robust to any variable cycling profiles and long duration intervals while partially charge. 

Aside from Aquion Energy’s design, a different design for saltwater batteries used an electrolyte that has a salt-to-water ratio of six to one, nearly saturated, such that it could also be called a water-in-salt battery. And in November 2015, researchers from the University of Maryland and the Army Research Laboratory claimed that they had induced the cell to form a solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI), a first for an aqueous electrolyte. The research for this design of saltwater batteries still continues to this day. 

Advantages of Saltwater Batteries for Solar Energy Storage

Essentially, saltwater batteries are, by far, the safest battery around. This is primarily because they are not made of hazardous materials. They are simply made of an electrolyte (which is saltwater), a carbon anode, and a manganese oxide cathode. Because of the fact that there are no hazardous materials in the construction of saltwater batteries, they are non-toxic and they can’t explode. And aside from that, saltwater batteries can also be more deeply discharged with no damage to the battery. 

The primary disadvantage that saltwater batteries have is that they are bulkier and heavier than other commercially available batteries. That said, there is one huge potential use for saltwater batteries in which that will be no issue at all — and that is, smoothing out power from large-scale renewable-energy-generation plants. 

As you already know, the sun doesn’t always shine, and so, the electrical output of solar plants is naturally intermittent. With this, saltwater batteries can be charged by that excess energy generated during times of high output and then release that stored power to the grid when it is needed. In other words, saltwater batteries can be extremely beneficial to large-scale solar systems. 

Why Buy Wholesale Saltwater Batteries for PV Systems from Us?

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