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Wind Generators: Bring in the Wind of Growth for Renewable Energy Business!

In windy regions, power outages are common instances, and that is why wind turbines can work as a great backup power source for off-grid solar systems. Wind turbines produce electricity by using wind power to drive an electrical generator. When the wind moves over the blades, it drives the blades to rotate.  In the wind energy sector, wind turbines/generators offer many benefits. These generators can be customized to the users’ solar system. These generators range from synchronous generators in permanent magnet technology to asynchronous short-circuit generators, all the way to the double-fed asynchronous generators.  There are basically two types of wind turbines — fixed-speed turbine and variable wind turbine.   Out of these two types of wind turbines, the most commonly used is the fixed-speed turbine, where the induction generator is directly connected to the grid. However, this system has its flaws because it often fails to control the grid voltage. In the case of on-grid or direct grid connections, a generator is connected directly to the utility grid. On the other hand, for off-grid or indirect grid connections, the current from the turbine passes through a chain of electric devices, which adjust the current to match with the grid. When using an asynchronous generator, this happens automatically.  

When is a Wind Turbine Generator Required?

Off-grid solar systems are generally paired with a backup power source. Without utility electricity as a fallback option, off-grid solar systems need a backup in case a solar system cannot produce enough electricity to meet the needs of a residential or commercial property. During the winter, wind speeds are usually highest, and the solar system gets less exposure to sunlight. In such a scenario, wind turbines provide power during the solar system’s down periods, for example, at night, and during harsh weather. For producing electricity in these conditions, wind turbines need generators. The generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

Types of Wind Turbine Generators

There are four types of wind turbine generators (WTGs), which are considered for the various wind turbine systems. They are: 
  1. Direct Current (DC) Generators
  2. Alternating Current (AC) Synchronous Generators:  
  3. AC Asynchronous Generators: 
  4. Switched Reluctance Generators.
All the listed generators above can run at a fixed or variable speed. Due to the dynamic nature of wind power, it is ideal to operate the WTGs at variable speed.  

Get Wholesale Wind Turbine Generators through SolarFeeds

Wind turbine generators play a crucial in achieving the optimum efficiency of wind turbines. If you are an installer, keep in mind to advise your clients that buying a permanent magnet motor will fulfill their need for a power backup well. For wind turbines with gearboxes, you can get specialized generator systems listed on our website up to 10 MW that has the perfect combination of performance and quality.  The generators are available for onshore and offshore applications and are compatible with the wind turbines, and the local conditions of use within a power range from 250 kW to 10 MW.  Wind generators with the mentioned features have a high level of efficiency and will add more credibility to your business. If you want to have more information about various wind turbines or generators, you can contact some of the listed wholesale suppliers on our website for bulk orders. These companies welcome long-term business associations, and you can get a steady supply of motors at wholesale prices. For any questions, you can keep in touch with us by writing to info@solarfeeds.com o

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