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Wholesale PV Wires & Cables 

Solar wires and cables, which are also called solar panel cables and PV wires, refer to wires used to connect solar panels with the photovoltaic system.

Choosing the right wire for solar energy systems is critical for solar users for their smooth functioning and remaining intact. Getting these wires wrong and choose PV wires that are too small for a PV system, the battery bank may not charge fully and as a result, the appliances consumers use, may not work at their full capacity.

Types of Solar Wire and Cables

  • Single metal wire core
  • Multi-stranded conductor type wires

The types of electrical wires or solar panel wires are according to their conductor type. If a wire has a single metal wire core, it is a single stranded conductor. If it has a multiple wire core, it is a multi-stranded conductor. So, there are basically two wire types.

The difference between a single stranded conductor and a multi-stranded conductor is that the use of a single stranded conductor type wire is common in domestic wiring and works fine for a solar system. 

Multi-stranded conductor type wires perform better in the environments with continuous vibration, such as mobile applications in cars, planes, boats, and trains.

Also, if an area is prone to frequent and extremely high winds, it is ideal to consider multi stranded conductor wires as they are more flexible and durable.

Sunlight Resistant PV Wire Ratings

Their Amps rate the efficiency of wires and cables for solar systems. 

The higher the rating of the current (amps), the thicker the PV wire has to be. If a solar system produces 7 amps, a minimum of 7-amp wire is required. It will be even better to go for a little higher like 9 or 10-amp wire, just to make sure it can handle the current.

If solar users use wires rated at less amps than their solar systems produce, the voltage will drop, and the solar panel wire will most likely heat up and eventually may even catch fire causing damage to the solar energy system and to the home. 

Solar wires and cables are like plumbing pipes. If too much water pressure (amps) flows through them, they will burst. Therefore, the system would need a bigger pipe (wire) that can handle the pressure (amps) produced by the solar system.


Features of High-quality Wires and Cables:

  • Optimum performance
  • High-tensile strength
  • Low maintenance.
  • Sunlight Resistant


Why Wholesale Solar Wire and Cables from Us

Our website lists wires and cables of reputable brands that offer the best quality range of solar wires and cable. All the wires have a long functional life and uniform thickness. 

All current PV wires are fitted with MC4 1500V locking connectors and are compatible with nearly all types of solar panels on the market.

The listed PV wires are flame retardant (flame rated VW-1), moisture resistant, sunlight resistant, and crush resistant.

The solar cables on offer are used to connect solar panels and other solar systems. Besides quality, the manufacturers of these solar cables offer wholesale price so that you can buy them in bulk quantity. If you want to buy wholesale solar wires and cables at low wholesale prices, then go through our website to explore products for profitable deals. You can also send in your query at info@solarfeeds.com

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