Signet Solar, Moncada Energy Group execute definitive supply agreement

Signet Solar and Moncada Energy Group announced that the two companieshave executed a definitive supply agreement for Signet to supply aminimum of 7.7MWp of its Gen 8.5 thin film modules before the end of2009 and a continued supply relationship in 2010 and beyond.

Moncada,the largest Sicilian producer of wind power (over 100MW) with projectsfocused in renewable energy across all of Europe, will deploy thepurchased thin film modules in large solar PV farms beneath the towersof their wind farms to allow both the panels and the wind turbines touse the same infrastructure in place to collect energy for, whatMoncada calls, “double-harvesting renewable energy”.

"Ourdeployments will be the world’s first large scale installation ofcertified Gen 8.5 size (2.2 m x 2.6 m) modules,” said SalvatoreMoncada, CEO of the Moncada Energy Group. “We believe that using theselarge modules in solar farms will allow for the lowest cost structureper installed watt due to the advances Signet Solar has made in thinfilm technology and module efficiency, and we are excited to work withSignet over the long term.”

“We are thoroughly excited to workwith Moncada Energy Group, who falls perfectly into our strategy ofbeing the world’s leader in providing thin film PV solutions for solarfarms," said Gunter Ziegenbalg, Managing Director of Signet Solar. “Webelieve this kind of commitment is a testament to our extremely strongquality and reliability, and our customer first approach.“ 

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