Spectrolab Scales C3MJ Technology

Spectrolab Logo The single greatest hope for the future of solar-energy, a Boeing spinoff company called Spectrolab,is scaling up production of its new C3MJ technology, which have aminimum average conversion efficiency of more than 38.5 percent. Theramped up production capacity should be online by the end of this year,according to CPV Today.

The solar-energy trade magazine reported that orders for the C2MJcells have already surpassed the C1MJ technology, which enteredproduction in 2006. The company believes that the multi-junction cellswill continue to improve in efficiency, and this the only area of solartechnology where there is an expectation of significant advancements inefficiency.

Spectrolab’s solar cells hold the record for most efficient solarcells in the world, achieving 40.7 percent conversion efficiency inDecember 2006.


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