Spire to use Rudolph’s process control software in turnkey solar cell Lines

Spire Corp., a global solar company providing turnkey solar factoriesand capital equipment to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modulesworldwide, and Rudolph Technologies Inc., a leader in processcharacterization solutions for semiconductor and photovoltaicmanufacturing, have reached an agreement to include Rudolph’s DiscoverSolar yield analysis and process management software as part of Spire’sturnkey manufacturing product lines.

“Rudolph’s Discover SolarSoftware provides all the process information to our solar cellproduction lines. It will allow our customers to bring new lines up toprofitable yields and volumes even faster than they can now,” said Dr.Avishai Kepten, Vice President of Solar Cell Lines of Spire. “Customerswill be able to achieve higher average cell efficiencies and reducemanufacturing costs. Discover Solar software will give our customers acompetitive edge.”

“We are delighted to have this opportunity towork with Spire,” said Mike Plisinski, Vice President and GeneralManager of Rudolph’s Data Analysis business. “Discover Solar Softwareis the first yield management tool specifically designed to help PVmanufacturers to maximize the efficiency of their cell devices, as wellas optimize their production processes.”

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