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Advanced Green Technologies (AGT), the self-proclaimed  "world’s largest distributor of Uni-Solar laminates" is probably the second largest customer of Unisolar (contractually expectedto purchase about $3 million, or about 1MW,  worth of laminates eachmonth).  However, a quick add up of the solar projects they have listedon their web site shows less than 0.6MW worth of commercialinstallations (including their own roofs) plus less than 0.03MW worthof residential solar roofs (including management’s residence).  Apparently, they also shipped about 7MWs ($22/$3 ASP)  to the GM project in Spain (secretly, as AGT was never mentioned in the press release).  By now they should have purchased more than 15MWs (or 15mths) worth of laminates.  Thus, they could now have an estimated close to 7MWs worth of laminates (or over  50,000 pieces of PVL-136) in unsold inventory.
So what can a distributor likely stuck with so much inventory (7 years worth of sales) do?  Hastily create a new web site targeting unsophisticated potential customers, in anticipation of stimulus money, of course!
"AGT’s FlexLight photovoltaic panels are produced from iron and steel components and are manufactured by United Solar Avionics, located in the state of Michigan."
So, for those of us who did not know, you can make electricity from iron and steel thanks to United Solar AVIONICS, and Baja California may already be in the United States of America (the panels appear to be assembled in Tijuana).  Now, when is United Solar Avionics going to make more of that Flying PV, we have all been waiting for, to lift us out of the recession?
Side note:  The owner of AGT is a former director of the penny-stock scam (with alleged mafia links) called Eagle Capital.


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